11 February 2019

Lasagna Contadina

This week we’re making the best out of the freshest vegetables!! The Lasagna Contadina is a vegetarian’s dream: it combines season picked vegetables and smokey Italian Scamorza in a creamy white Lasagna!! Generally one of our best seller, this Lasagna is a must for all you veggie lovers! Come try it out in both our locations starting Monday 11/02!
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4 February 2019

Lasagna Norma

If you’re a fan of our Melanzane (Eggplants) Lasagna, this week we got a perfect spinoff! This Lasagna still features tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and basil, but it’s what comes after those three key ingredients that brings it to an all other level!  The eggplants are sliced in cubes and fried in cold pressed extra vergin olive oil to top the Lasagna! Parmigiano is added on top as well as two different kinds of ricotta: one sweet,
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29 January 2019

Lasagna con Salsiccia

This week lasagna is in fact a panoply of lasagne all based on the fresh salsiccia that we received directly from Italy. Our chef’s creativity has been as always the other key ingredient, combining the salsicce with a variety of vegetables, herbs and spices. From tomato to fennels, from mushrooms, to “friggitelli” peppers, and the unmissable “cime di rapa” is a treat for all of you meat lovers. Come get at least one slice of
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If confort food is what you need to get through this week you should definitely come get a slice of our Mushrooms and Scamorza Lasagna! This marvellous Lasagna comes packed with flavours thanks to the Porcini Mushrooms, which are passed in the pan with red wine, and to the light funkiness of the smokey Scamorza which, in this Lasagna, replaces the buffalo Mozzarella! This Lasagna is garnished with a little bit of parsley and served
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15 January 2019

Lasagna ‘Nduja

This week we’re bringing the heat to your plate! If having your taste buds tickling is something that you love than the Lasagna with ‘Nduja is a most have!! But what is ‘Nduja: ‘Nduja is a typical spicy meat paste of the Calabria region of Italy. Our Lasagna is pretty simple but gets straight to the point: we add the ‘Nduja to our home made tomato sauce while it cooks this way to have it
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26 November 2018

Lasagna Bianca con Salumi

This week we put the spotlight on some staples of Italian charcuterie! From Mortadella to Porchetta to Soppressata or Capocollo this Lasagna will change daily according to our chef’s mood ! Our Buffalo Mozzarella is the second and last star of this white Lasagna. Come try it out in both our locations starting Monday 26/11!
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12 November 2018

Lasagna Cacio e Pepe

This week we are paying homage to one of Rome’s best pasta dish! Cacio e Pepe is a staple when it comes to roman cuisine and this lasagna should definitely be a favorite of yours! This simple Lasagna comes packed with flavours thanks to the best quality products used in the making. Buffalo Mozzarella, Cacio DOP and Black pepper are the keys to the success of this Lasagna. Come try it out in both out
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5 November 2018

Lasagna al Tartufo

This week we are coming strong and packed of flavours! And you better be fast if your are trying to get a slice, the Truffle lasagna is one of our best seller and there is a reason to it! In this white Lasagna you can savour the real taste of Italian black truffle and the subtle smokiness of fresh Scamorza cheese! This Lasagna is a must for all you truffle lovers.
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Due to the extreme cold weather, this week we’re highlighting products that come from the sunny south of Italy, we believe it might slightly help get through those temperatures! This week’s lasagna features a white base to which we add some Capocollo, a Calabrian charcuterie made out of the neck of the pork, and some creamy Burrata! Come try it out in both our locations starting Tuesday 30/10!
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23 October 2018

Lasagna Zucchine

If you are a fan of Zucchine this week’s lasagna is all you need! After being passed in the pan with some cold pressed extra vergine olive oil the zucchine are added to a white base with some fresh buffalo mozzarella! Come try it out in both our location starting from Tuesday 23/10
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16 October 2018

Lasagna alla Zucca

The Lasagna of the Week takes advantage of this season’s freshest vegetable: Squash. This very comforting lasagna is simple but will warm your hart up! To the fresh pasta we add our squash, the Mozzarella di Bufala and our called pressed Extra Vergine Olive Oil. And last but not least there is a very important choice to make. To suit all your preferences there is a variety of toppings: Buffalo Ricotta, ‘Nduja (Calabria’s finest spicy
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The Lasagna Fontina e Capocollo is a white based lasagna with a variety of intense flavours. To the white béchamel base we mix Buffalo Mozzarella but most importantly the Fontina is added. This particular Valle d’Aosta cheese adds a delicious funkiness to the lasagna that contemplates perfectly the white base. Once the lasagna is out of the oven we cover it with a blanket of freshly sliced Capocollo. This traditional pork cold cut is made
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The Lasagna Bianca con Prosciutto cotto di Modena, Grana e crema di pistacchio di Bronte is a twist on one of our top seller Lasagna: The Lasagna Bianca. This Lasagna consist of our freshly and handmade pasta, a béchamel base to which we add Bronte pistachios cream, buffalo mozzarella, Grana Padano cheese and last but not least to put the cherry on the cake of this fantastic lasagna, as soon as it gets out of our
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