Lasagna ‘Nduja

In lasagna, lasagnaoftheweek by Jose D'Alessandro

This week we’re bringing the heat to your plate! If having your taste buds tickling is something that you love than the Lasagna with ‘Nduja is a most have!! But what is ‘Nduja: ‘Nduja is a typical spicy meat paste of the Calabria region of Italy. Our Lasagna is pretty simple but gets straight to the point: we add the ‘Nduja to our home made tomato sauce while it cooks this way to have it completely dissolved, this way the flavour is infused homogeneously. Later with layer our fresh pasta sheets with fresh buffalo mozzarella and the tomato base! The Lasagna is plated with a sprinkle of freshly grounded Parmigiano Reggiano! This time you guys better be fast because the ‘Nduja Lasagna sold out in only 3 days!!

The ‘Nduja Lasagna will be available in both our locations starting Tuesday 15/01/19