About our quest for authentic lasagna & tiramisu.


Lasagna Tiramisu, or LT as some say, starts from a hope and a bet.
That it would be possible to bring to a large number of people true, homemade Italian Lasagne and Tiramisu.

Living around the world we asked ourselves why so often Italian cuisine has been uprooted from its true origins, of simple, natural and tasty ingredients artfully combined, and how we could overcome that, if we were to start a business.

For some 10 years we fumbled with the question and then, as often happens, in a serendipitous way realized that lasagne and tiramisu might be an option.

While both are among the most authentic Italian dishes, lasagne have become industrial food or a heavy, greasy preparation that has nothing to do with the original one, and tiramisu a generic label for an improvised creamy dessert.

To have a fully workable concept we needed on the one side variety and on the other an alternative for the gluten/milk intolerant people and for those on a diet.

To solve the first, we started playing with the layers idea, and came up with more than 100 varieties of each, simply tapping creatively into the Italian tradition
For the second we added a few freshly prepared salads (fruit included) and we had a menu.

And here we are, everyday a handful of different lasagne, tiramisu and salads, homemade and fresh, for an authentic, tasty and healthy meal in the restaurant or at home.

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